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What in the World is a MoonPie?

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Get ready for a celebration of a classic Southern snack with a seriously quirky twist! We’re talking about the World’s Biggest MoonPie Festival held in the tiny town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

If you’re not from the South, you might need a primer. Basically, MoonPies are a beloved treat: two soft graham cracker cookies sandwiching a marshmallow filling, all dipped in chocolate. They’re sweet, nostalgic, and the type of snack that gets its own festival.

Bell Buckle is a blink-and-you-miss-it town with just a few hundred residents. But once a year, it transforms into MoonPie heaven when thousands gather for the festival dedicated to the iconic treat. And honestly, the whole event is as delightfully Southern and a little bit weird as you’d expect.

Festival Fun: What to Expect

Think of the World’s Biggest MoonPie Festival as a mix of state fair, small-town parade, and a massive celebration of all things marshmallow:

  • The RC Cola and MoonPie Throwdown: The main event! Witness contestants hurling MoonPies at moving targets, with points for accuracy and distance. It’s messy, hilarious, and surprisingly competitive.
  • MoonPie Eating Contest: Self-explanatory and not for the faint of stomach. Speed and MoonPie-devouring capacity are key.
  • Live Music: Bluegrass, country, and classic rock set the soundtrack for the event. It’s a foot-tapping good time.
  • Craft Vendors: Local artisans and quirky shops line the streets, so you can snag some unique souvenirs along with your MoonPie merch.
  • The Coronation: They crown a MoonPie King and Queen, often local figures. Parades, elaborate costumes, and maximum small-town charm ensue.
  • Kid-Friendly Fun: Face painting, games, and inflatables keep the little ones entertained while adults indulge their inner child with all things MoonPie.

MoonPie Mania: Get Your Fill

Of course, there are MoonPies galore at the festival. Prepare to encounter:

  • MoonPies on a Stick: Deep-fried, of course, turning an already indulgent treat into a state-fair-esque experience.
  • MoonPie Flavors Galore: Classic chocolate, banana, even seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice. Your tastebuds will be in overdrive.
  • Giant MoonPies: Witness giant versions of the iconic treat, perfect for photo ops and reminding you just how big your love for this snack really is.

The festival is the perfect excuse to explore Bell Buckle itself:

  • Charming Main Street: Antique shops, art galleries, and cafes create a picture-perfect, small-town atmosphere with true Southern hospitality.
  • Bell Buckle Cafe: A classic diner with hearty breakfasts and a slice-of- Americana vibe. Perfect fuel before a day of MoonPie festivities.
  • Surrounding Scenery: Rolling hills, farms, and that laid-back Tennessee charm provide a scenic backdrop to your offbeat festival experience.

Tips for Your MoonPie Adventure

  • Embrace the Quirk: This festival isn’t about being sophisticated; it’s about leaning into the wacky-but-wholesome fun of it all.
  • Come Hungry: Between the MoonPies, BBQ, and classic Southern snacks, there’s plenty of deliciousness to discover.
  • Cash is King: Many vendors, especially the smaller ones, are cash-only. Hit the ATM beforehand.
  • Sun Protection: The festival is outdoors, so hats, sunscreen, and shade breaks are key, especially during those hot Tennessee summers.

Whether you’re a lifelong MoonPie lover, a curious foodie, or just someone who loves a good small-town festival, the World’s Biggest MoonPie Festival in Bell Buckle delivers a distinctly Southern, sweet, and undeniably memorable experience.

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